CoViD and production times

Oct 4th 2020

Hey Pack-You guys and gals may be familiar with the world situation with coronavirus rampaging across the globe. While we have been lucky enough to stay healthy here in idyllic, peaceful Memphis, Tenn … read more

Gear sale is on!

Mar 21st 2020

Hey pack-We're having a sale on all of our Wolf Pack gear! All of our swag is currently 10 - 20% off, go check out the gear page to see what kind of Spearwolf gear you need in your life on the cheap.& … read more

Upgrades now available!

Mar 19th 2020

Hey pack-We've added an "upgrades" page for hardware upgrades to our current line up. We're starting with the Concealment Clips Tango Clip, version 1 for 1.5" belts, as an upgrade to the clip on our D … read more

The taxman cometh...

Feb 12th 2020

Hey pack-With a little bit of sadness, we have added sales tax collection to the shop for all items. You will note sales tax added in on the cart page now in the subtotal section. Rest assured th … read more

New shirt ideas...

Jan 13th 2020

Hey pack-With our first run of shirts running VERY low in stock, I've been playing around with some new designs. I gotta say, I'm kind of in love with this one. I'm digging the black on white, pr … read more
Wait time for custom pieces is currently 4 - 6 weeks