CoViD and production times

Oct 4th 2020

Hey Pack-

You guys and gals may be familiar with the world situation with coronavirus rampaging across the globe. While we have been lucky enough to stay healthy here in idyllic, peaceful Memphis, Tennessee, supply chains and timelines have been affected. 

As such, I am pushing the production time out to 8-10 weeks until further notice. As a small shop, we don't keep a ton of stock on hand and shipping times are hit and miss, at best. We still maintain an on hand stock, so if you're burning for some gear, check out our available gear, ready to ship within 72 hours.

Bear with us a minute and hopefully this thing will turn around and we can get back to business as usual.

Thanks, and hope everyone is safe and healthy.

Carry on!


Wait time for custom pieces is currently 4 - 6 weeks