Lackie IWB Magazine Carrier - Single

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Most experts agree - short of keeping a spare weapon on your person for one of those good ol' New York reloads, the best method of topping off your empty weapon is with an spare magazine, and the best way to get one of those is to keep one on your person. 

Rather than leaving things up to chance with a game of pocket fumbling, keep that spare mag in on of our IWB (In The Waistband) magazine carriers. This ensures that the spare magazine is in a consistent location, and the magazine is placed in the correct orientation for your draw. This saves valuable time and reduces the amount of focus necessary on your workspace during the reload, allowing you to focus on indexing the magazine and performing the manual operation of the reload. The mag carrier is designed to be universal for round orientation, so either "rounds forward" or "rounds backward" are possible with the same carrier.

Check out our upgrades page for additional options.


ON CANT: "Cant" is generally thought of as an angle away from vertical. Our IWB magazine carriers are designed to be configurable for vertical or canted carry, where you have the option of the magazine carrier being made to cant right or left. The right and left cant refer to the direction of the magazine as viewed from the clip side/front of the carrier. "Right" cant is generally better for right handed shooters drawing the magazine from the appendix position (base plate of magazine angled toward the left hand) or a left handed shooter drawing from the right side of the body (base plate angled forward), while "left" cant is generally better for left handed shooter drawing from the appendix position (base plate angled toward right hand) or the right handed shooter drawing from the left side of the body.

Note that this also affects the placement of the retention screws - "right" cant has the screws on the left side of the mag carrier, whereas they are on the right side of the carrier for the "left" cant option.

The photo above is of a "left" cant magazine carrier. 


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